"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Monday, September 25, 2006

11 things i'd like to do before i turn 21

i can't believe i just turned twenty. and that happened almost three weeks ago.

hmm, since my birthday just came and went, i think it's time for a new wishlist this year. a birthday resolution!

11 things i'd like to do before i turn 21

  1. drive. yep. i'm past eighteen and i still haven't learned it yet. my mother said i could (wait, isn't that a line from a french ad?), but only after she learns to drive, too. i'm so used to having my dadi bring me to where i need to be and pick me up after, (not that i complain) but isn't now the time to be independent from my dad driving me everywhere? momi, i want my turn to drive.
  2. sew. i'm on a project, which i hope to finish on or before the vacation. it's not my new clothes line (i'm not a fashion savant), but more like a hobby when i feel rains in my brains.
  3. write a paper fit for an academic journal. why should all the profs, academicians, and researchers have all the fun (and the fame)? i'd like to put in my two cents worth, too, and with credibility of course *wink, wink*. never mind the hassle of research (haha, as if that's so easy!), i really want to publish a paper, not just anywhere, but in an academic journal, no less.
  4. buy a closet-ful of shoes. shoes. who doesn't love shoes? if given the chance (and the buckaroos) i'd really love to buy imelda's closet, not of skeletons, but of pumps, wedges, stilettos, sandals... ooh, goodie!
  5. upgrade my computer. oh yes, something i've been planning to do but can't get to because i splurge all my money into shopping.
  6. read the paper more often. i've joked with my friends that i don't watch tv anymore (no kidding, i really don't watch tv, what with all the papers, research, readings... school work). but not reading the paper can be hell sometimes. imagine not being able to know what's happening, like being stuck in a deserted island and wondering what day it is. plus, i missed reading mlq3 and ambeth, my cup of tea.
  7. subscribe to cosmo. a girl's gotta have her guide, aside from her mother and best friend. i can giggle at the stories and gaggle at the trends all i want. plus, i could learn i few bits on how to please kel! (ooh, i'm not fhm material)
  8. go party at boracay. ugh, a confession much rather not admitted. i've been to baguio, subic, cebu, davao, iloilo, and almost the whole of region 4a, but not to the pristine beaches of boracay, puerto galera, and palawan. i drool at the sight of the parties i'm missing, but most especially, i drool at the sight of those bikinis i want to wear to the beach. summer, come early, please...
  9. write an anthology. hehe. a feat that has eluded me since i started writing. i should give myself time to write, maybe a week, free from anyone or any media (which is by far the most pervasive technology known to man). i should clear my mind of anything and everything and concentrate on writing. hooo. clear my mind? maybe that's why i still can't finish even one story in one semester.
  10. post regularly at this blog. my diaries have been begging with their mouths open for the past weeks, no months, and this blog is no exception. hopefully i'll keep on writing even if these are just mere musings.
  11. have a baby. i'm kidding. my boyfriend kel would kill me if he sees this.


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