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"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Saturday, March 31, 2007

my celebrity look-alikes

natuwa naman ako. :D

i remember when i took pi100 last summer, one of my classmates commented that i somewhat looked like eva longoria (ang haba ng hair ni ate!). i'm posting this, just a little something not to keep me bored. hahaha. :D

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

sniff chuff

haven't been able to post lately, for the simple reason of having too much time away from my computer. wapak. i'm back.

march is not yet over, so i think this post fits the season. i'm ranting, and this post is not for the below-eighteen or the conservative. if you're one of these, please cover your eyes with your fingers, or press alt+f4 on your keyboard.

i am disgusted at the fact that a company has been capitalizing on the "scent" of a woman.

oh yes, i have to provide the public with an introduction to the product, if it should be called as such.

it's called vulva original. for lack of descriptives, i would rather the product say what it is: vulva original beguiles the senses with the scent of a real vagina, thus opening up completely new vistas for enhancing your sex life. vulva original lets you enjoy the scent of a woman anytime you want. it’s easy to use: shake the vulva vial well, and the fluid is also transformed to optically resemble the object of every man’s desire. then apply it to the back of your hand and sniff. your libido will take care of the rest all by itself.

who's vulva is it from? what makes it original anyway?

ew. i'd like to think my abyss smells different from the one next door.

i remember watching one episode in nat geo about pheromones and such, about the scent of one woman is different from another since the scent identifies one's genes. this unique scent is either attractive or repulsive to a man, depending on the genes it identifies.

hm, i'm not sure about this scientific part, but yep, one lady would protest that her coochie's "fragrance" is quite different from the rest (if not, she'd even tell you that hers smells better, haha).

it's a good thing, though, that this product is only available in germany and the uk (from the last i heard).

anyway, capitalizing on it, would there be other product lines, such as asian vulva original (which carries chinese, japanese, korean, filipino, etc), or american vulva original which comes in black and white?

and who profits from this product? are there smell-testers? did they use animal testing? who gets to say which vulva smells better?

the product's website address is also so cheesy... www . smell me and . com? what about smell me and throw up? come on! [pun not intended].

i'd like also to warn the men. applying this scent to the back of your hand, just like applying any perfume to your wrist, would most probably make you reek of chuff. it may "enhance" your libido, but try getting into an elevator full of high-testosteroned barakos. use your imagination.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

this month's awareness

happy international women's day!

celebrate your femininity. well, i know i will!

we're celebrating so many things this month. it's breast cancer awareness month. visit for more information and to know how to lower the risk of getting breast cancer. it's not too early to start now. haha.

it's also national fire prevention month. yes, there is such a thing as fire prevention month. i'm not sure where to get tips for fire prevention, but sometimes these things are just common sense.

the usual causes of fires are cigarette buts and matchsticks. so please check where you throw your cig butts; put them out before throwing them away. keep any lighted object (such as candles) away from inflammble materials. do not plug too many electrical appliances in one electric socket. have your electric wiring checked every year by a certified electrician. also, remember to close your gas tank after using it.

awareness is always helpful in preventing unfortunate things to happen. so be aware. and have a happy march!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

lazy and depressed underling

i'm starting to become my lazy self again. yup, me + laziness = disaster.

so many things to finish in so little time (why am i blogging again?) . and whenever i sit in front of my pc or my laptop, my eyes start to fall asleep. my fingers long to touch the soft pillows instead of the hard clicking keyboard. i can hear the calling of the covers and bedsheets beckoning me to lay my restless head.

*turntable scratch

what?! seems like in school, this has also been happening. i'm not really sure why. um, no, i think i do know.

i withdrew from coffee at the start of the week, at my mother's prodding, no, insistence, since i've been having too many migraines, so much that i've become immune to mefenamic acid. haha. i've been craving it like crazy just to keep my lids open while i work.

i'm bored with my life. last night i was depressed for no reason, and i tried to sleep it off, but still i'm depressed. i want to knock someone out, cry, punch something, and cry again. i hope this isn't post-breakup depression (but, well, yeah, i want to knock him out for the simple reason of breaking my heart).

last night was commressoc's anniv dinner. i had fun emcee-ing it. haha. and congrats to my parter stan, even if both of us were so corny last night. thanks to all who attended! feisty at thirty, fiesta at trenta.

after that, i was, yet again, depressed. i've so many things to do, yet later i'm going out with highschool friends for lunch, then with john who said he was going to treat me to ghostrider. and then no sleeping later this night with so many schoolwork to finish.

i wish i was lazy more often. life's a beach when you're a bum.

postscript. why do we not have an environmentalist usc councilor? i've been waiting for that. i mean, we keep ourselves up-to-date with national political issues, yet when asked, we are dumbfounded at environmental issues. i think we need someone in the usc who will implement environment-friendly acts, such as awareness campaigns, recycling projects within the university, cleaning up of UP, the use of alternative fuels of ikot jeeps, and alternative energy sources of colleges. most of college students are not even aware of the lafayette mining issue and the biofuel and clean air acts, some issues we must take part in. where are these people??

Thursday, March 01, 2007

thoughts on tofi

this is really a very big issue; it's hard not to turn an indifferent head away from it. so many people are speaking up against the tuition fee increase, but i'm not one of them. i would just like to highlight a few points why, in principle, i'm for the tfi.

let those who can afford pay what they can afford. it's not really fair that a rich kid pays the same small tuition fee (which is roughly just his two-week allowance) as the not-so-affluent kid. the fee increase is not really constructed so that the UP admin will earn from us, nay, the tfi is simply taking out the state subsidy from those who can afford to pay full tuition.

by then, funds that are used to subsidize these rich kids' tuition fees will be allocated for other purposes, such as improving UP's facilities and funding research and development. sadly, though, the tfi will not in any way increase our professors' salaries, since these are still standardized by the government.

but of course, the stfap has to be reevaluated and reviewed to fit the current times. with the tuition fee increase (for the affluent) must also come a tuition fee decrease (for the not-so-affluent). hey, we pay taxes the same way, why not also pay tuition fees in the same way, too?

our administration must come up with an expansive and extensive stfap, one that will cover all ground of social classes and incomes. the tfi will fail in its purpose of wanting to be pro-poor by not defining who the poor is. the tfi is going to be implemented, but i would not let it be implemented without the reevaluation of the stfap.

this fight is not anymore about greater state subsidy; it's more than that. it's helping UP survive.

let's face it: our corrupt and filthy government will not look out for us. budget cut by budget cut, and even with the increase in taxes, UP's budget, well, has not yet budged from its current state. and the people have a legitimate reason not to fund UP. where do we pool our rich intellectualities? where do we go after we graduate? who benefits from the hard-earned training and education we get from the people's taxes? the people pay for our education yet we let ourselves be pirated by the first world countries that suck the economy out of third world swamps.

i'm not saying everybody is like that. i applaud the people who would not let themselves be pirated by others. i commend the people who, in spite of the poverty-stricken land that we all live in, still have hope for us, and provide us with hope simply because they have not left us alone.

this post will probably (and hopefully) open up debates. it's high time that we speak up. and the media is making a big ruckus out of this circus, and influencing the people about wrong notions and mixed-up facts.

here is my stand: go for the tuition fee increase, but reevaluate the stfap first.

march 6, 2007: don't forget to exercise your right to vote! bring your UP i.d. or form 5.

tell me what?

seems like so many bloggistas are going on hiatus. join the bandwagon? would rather not, although it is continually tempting, what with all the acads and stuff. sabes tú, acad life kills social life. hehe.

though i'm not a social butterfly--i'm only discovering new things after this breakup, rebuilding old relationships, and strengthening current ones. i'm not really sure how to go about after a breakup, but people are complimenting me on how strong i am through all this. yay, thanks. it means they can't see me crumble to the ground.

anyway, i recently told ares that if i can't blog or at least read others' blogs, i'd be itching for it. i open my computer and the first thing i do is open my IE and go to blogger. so much for prioritizing my acads. this has been my outlet, but i know it's not healthy. eventually i would have to move on to other things. at least after letting go of the best friend i had for so long, i have something to open up to. like a dog, but less alive. hehe.

btw, i read in tina's blog that davao bloggistas are cooking up a party. can we have one in manila? hehehe. i'm not into the sirkulasyon, so to speak. simply a tiny speck.

i promised in my january posts that i'll be blogging about our goin bulilit study. this has not happened yet, and it's already march. we're still tinkering with the study, and thank god, we're already in the data analysis phase. the data collecting part was difficult, since we handled so many kids aged 7-10 years old, and believe me, getting them to sit still and answer our questions for just one hour was already difficult in itself. they are all so restless. i'll be back (one day) to post about that, all our experiences and stuff from our goin bulilit study.

it's difficult to stay away from this blog for so long. i'm missing it. haha. ever had times when you felt you really have to blog about something? oooh.

i'm getting bored with this skin, so much i want to customize my own, yet i lack the artistic capabilities to do so. come april i'm hoping to get a new skin. hoping.

and i'm ending this post with a question i mused about so many months ago when i started this blog. (for a backgrounder, i suggest to go back in time here). what is a katas ng baterya? i'm still wondering. please do tell.


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