"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Monday, October 16, 2006

the battle of troy has begun

our library has been ransacked and stormed through by ten giants...

actually, no, it's deadlines, deadlines, deadlines... and books are missing from the shelves, the computers' wires all tangled together, the printer heavily loaded with paper, drafts, and still printing on, and papers and notes everywhere, on the floor, on the speakers, on the chairs....


in this house, whenever prelims, midterms, or finals are approaching, the library stops getting cleaned up. my dad goes haywire whenever this happens, but he can't scold us because we're all stressed out and we'll all end up fighting. when the hell weeks really come, disaster strikes. in this jungle of a library, i won't be surprised if my little eleven-year-old brother gets lost in the chaos of it all.

plastic cups of orange juice are scattered on the long table, and if i point who the culprit is, she'll point to me back (haha.. you know who you are). i leave messes of coffee mugs too, and bread crumbs whenever i eat my breakfast here. we're all not supposed to eat here, but sometimes, we can't help it.

at times, i go straight to the computer and type up the work i have to finish. and i forget about dinner. mom doesn't want us to skip dinners, but i really sincerely forget. really. haha.

and yet i'm typing away here, on the computer. i'm really hoping that sir lacson will just read my blog and grade it as my diary for his class, anyway, some of these things, too, are observations.

i should be on my way to an exam. oh yes, exams. haha, exams.

i'll have to buy time and finish what i'm supposed to finish. i'm already on my fourth year in college and yet i still cram. don't my years of experience as a student teach me how it is whenever i have exams and deadlines and how i should not go over last minute? apparently not.

goodbye, moon. goodbye, sea. i'm off to battle the trojans.



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