"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

11 things i'd like to have for christmas

i can feel the cold breezes at night--it's really nearing christmas!

because i feel like a kid now, i'm writing my christmas wish list and hopefully santa hops along and gives me at least one in this list (as long as i keep from being naughty... hehe).

11 things i'd like to have for christmas

  1. a brian culbertson album and/or a chris botti album - i was introduced to smooth jazz through my brother jj and the trumpeteer chris botti. when i heard brian culbertson, i fell in love. there's always something romantic or sensuous about his compositions. i feel giddy and romantic and inspired when i put on his music as i study. oooh. his music always make me think of tall, dark-eyed, sexy gentlemen, or lunch picnics outside in the sun, or lilies, or all of them at once. chris botti's music is more sensual, and still reminds me of sexy gentlemen, but scenes of candlelit dinners, midnight rendevouz, and long-stemmed roses comes to mind.
  2. an aquarium full of ciclids - these fishes are like dogs--they would follow my finger whenever i tap the top of the aquarium. i think it's a reflex from thinking that fingers bring fish food. they're really cute, i hope they never grow large. hehe. and having an aquarium really soothes me, one thing i need during hell days.
  3. a recorder - i've been wooing my dad for this. the old recorder is already broken, and this recorder is more of a need, especially when i do interviews and focus group discussions (my dad just bought me one last weekend! woohoo! thanks, dadi).
  4. a GC for shoe shopping (no, make that a shoe-shopping spree) - every girl loves shoe shopping! i've been eyeing the pair of red peep-toe wedges as a gift for myself this christmas. and the kitten-heeled tan sandals i saw last week are really pretty. if i had my way, i'd buy them all! wasn't it imelda who said, "when they opened my closet, thankfully they saw shoes, not skeletons."
  5. a weekend trip to palawan - and immerse myself in all the beauty of creation. i absolutely adore beaches. kel, who comes from zambales, thinks nothing of it. he says i'd be bored if all my gimiks are limited to resorts and nearby beachfronts. i love beaches! for someone like me who lived all her life in the city (and not knowing the life in the province, since i never had one), that would be bliss. make that a whole-week trip to palawan. i'd like to go hiking, too!
  6. a box of samba - ooh, everytime i'm in AS, i drop by the store at the AS walk and buy loads of samba. i like samba better than other chocolates. i feel really good inside when i munch on it. it tastes so good that i know i could live on it. need i say more? hehe.
  7. the talent to sing - what i would give so i can learn how to sing without scaring anyone off. i truly believe i wasn't gifted with music, or even the ear for music, so i can at least sing in tune. and even if i take lessons (which i did, but never finished), i'd never develop it. *sigh*
  8. my very own photo-shoot - haha. dolled up in so many fancy clothes, make-up, end everything else? why wouldn't i want that? be like a star! hahaha.
  9. mernel's chocolate cake - one of the things that i missed in my elbi days. mernels. so chocolatey-thick. so rich. yumyum. kel and i used to eat one small cake while we hung out at the carabao park, while we chat or while he strums on a guitar and i listen. i miss those days. i miss mernels. haha.
  10. a puppy - i wish i had a terrier. and i hope my dad would allow me to keep it. i'd probably pamper it, dress it up, brush its hair whenever i could, and feed it so much it'd be obese. hehe. kidding. i really want a terrier.
  11. a digicam - if i'm in santa claus land i'd probably be asking for the sony dsc-n2, which costs 6x more than my one semester tuition fee. so i'm wishing for the dsc-s500. it's just as good, though not necessarily as costly but with lesser features. bah, what i want is simply its function: something to take digital pictures with to share with my friends and family. hehe.

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