"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Sunday, January 21, 2007

cafe lifestyle

i'm not one to hang out at starbucks or figaro or anywhere that resembles a quasi-reading-slash-studying-slash-chillin'-lounge. i'm not one to sit down at small tables and bring a book with me while i sip coffee and (pretend to) scan the pages and try to focus on the text in front of my eyes.

but i like my coffee with biscuits or cake. my coffee depends on my mood--sometimes mild, sometimes sweet, sometimes black, sometimes brimming with cream. i like brewed better than stirred instant ones (of course), and i like colombian better than java (but arabian coffee beans have really powerful, enticing scents). and barako is always best with pan y mantequilla (or queso, depends on whom you ask). hehe. i love the smell of brewing beans. heck, i just love the smell of the beans by themselves.

i don't like the ambience of coffee shops, but i have to admit, i adore their taste in music. being a smooth jazz fan who was introduced to jazz late in life, i just love the music in cafes. smooth sounds of sax and piano make me think, "where have my ears been all this time when they played this music?"

(and since i love this music, i decided to share it with you guys. enjoy the jazzy sounds. i particularly love brian culbertson, and his rendition of i wanna know with kirk whalum is so sexy. his song 'our love' is also just as sensual, which reminds me so much of kilig-chivalric-dime novel-hero.

but pondering on this while sitting in front of my laptop and drinking coffee at 3:46 in the morning, i think, i would have loved to sit down at cafes to hang out and relax. i like the music, i like the smell, but most of all, i love coffee.

so what's stopping me?

well, speaking for someone who values their caffeine very much, coffee is overpriced, overrated, and undervalued. yes, well, that seems irrational.

it seems that if i want to get that brewed caffeine i really crave for, i have to stab my pocket. which shouldn't be the case, when i could just buy beans from the grocery store and make the rich coffee by myself. haha.

don't think too much about my ranting. it's just that it's nearing 4 am and i'm still on this computer, trying to figure out how to critique this really good research paper without dissecting it piece by piece.

i rely on coffee to keep me up during those late nights when i really need to finish my school work and school papers. it used to be cigarettes, but caffeine is less potent of the two health hazards.

my mom tells me i should keep from drinking coffee right about everyday. i have migraines (ever since i was twelve, i'm so old!) and caffeine is really bad for it. and my craving for chocolates doesn't help that either! as they say, masarap ang bawal.

and finally, finally, i have cancelled my friendster account. i may post a new friendster account soon, but not really. i'm not counting on it.


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