"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

lift one another up

tonight was my first time to watch elevate. and it so rocked. ha.

i've never really been to a dance concert before (save the dance recital we were required to participate in during the semester that i took ballroom), and this experience really blew me away.

talk about amazing choreography. i was impressed.

hm, before i ramble on... elevate is an annual cheering competition and concert held by the u.p. pep squad. it shows that other side of the pep squad, that they're not just into acrobatics and cheering stunts and all that. it highlights the talent that each member has: dance.

tonight's concert brought to stage 12 different dance themes for each month of the year. so imagine us audience counting down one whole year through dance. makes me wish for a year of musicals, just like grease.(oh yeah, that's not our generation. whatever.)

january highlighted folk dances. bored me, actually, since i am so used to seeing this stuff. but february blew me away. ballroom. on a dancefloor where you can be erotic yet gentle at the same time. its theme is valentines, and what is more romantic (and sensual, is you ask me) than a latin dance? oooh. reminds me of past daydreams when i would wish to be swept off my feet by a latino with sexy eyes. oooh. the girls danced sensually (not that i'm sapphic!). hm. i wish i could dance like them.

so, come march. ballet. ballet is actually my frustration. and cool, they put on the graduation march song and then rock music. loved the choreo. april, cuaresma, an even better choreo. they did interpretative, and i loved it (especially the part when they depicted jesus on the cross). i was amazed, and so was yani, who gushed that it was her favorite of all.

hm. summer in may. angel rocked this part. haha. loved your streetdancing, girl, and the stunts! you made it look all so easy, as if it's natural, like walking. anyway, *strains of jt's sexyback soundtripping in my head.

fastforward to june. i laughed at all the comments at uste. hahaha. another hahaha. maybe this year will be championship year. i'm certainly hoping for that. up needs a win! i messed up the dances with the months, but i definitely loved the drummers' part. i got goosebumps from that; everybody was in sync. i think i got hoarse from chanting ooh-nee-bersidad-ng-pee-lee-pee-nas. hahaha. and i loved the choreo about the injuries the pep squad gets from training. talk about brilliant.

and then september, cheering competition! woohoo! i'll be seeing you u.p. people in araneta this year. then octoberfest na! yep, the month of nonstop booze, the time when sembreak days are spent having incoherent dreams in bed having hangovers from last night's partying. it's so funny--the choreo was silly (silly-entertaining, not silly-stupid) and the guys wore girl clothing: skirts and tank tops. yeah, you know how drunk college kids can get.

and november? instead of doing spooky dances with goth-type costumes, they went for white with red accents (i sound gay. hm). no, i mean, they wore red undies. and flashlights. hehe. talk about ghosts partying at night. after that, all the cheeriness of december. i particularly liked the costumes of shaider (was that shaider?) and teen titans' robin.

it's not obvious that i'm so ecstatic about this one, right? i'll be back next year. wooo.

and next year i'll grab better seats. haha.


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