"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Monday, February 05, 2007

jig rocks

came home from jig yesterday at 3.30 am. whatta night. and to think myk, norries, ares, john, and every other bosconian i know still believes that the jay-mariel fans club is still rocking. that's so four years ago naman.

so anyway. kamikazee rocks! it was the first time i saw them on concert, and they're so fun to see live. no, won't buy their cd, i'd rather splurge my moolah on tix so i'd see them perform live always. they're funny, and according to their vocalist, kinky. it's the first time i actually enjoyed a band live. waha.

i like what jay contreras shouted out to all girls there: ayoko sa inyo mga sexy kayo. nananakit lang kayo.

hahaha. i hate sexy men too. mga bading kayo. nananakit kayo. (refer to my friend ilia's conclusion on her recent post in her blog

seems like most of the men i crush on are gay. it would go like this:
mariel: (whispering) uy, tinan mo yun. cute.
female friend: san?
mariel: ayun ayun ayun. padaan. sa kaliwa mo.
female friend: nyeh, day, bading yan.
mariel: pano mo alam?
female friend: eh, nakikita mo yun? boyfriend nya yun.
mariel: anu ba yan. sayang.
female friend: what's new?

worse, these gays' boyfriends are also just as sexy. amp naman (thinking bubble popping out of nowhere. hm. papa piolo and sam milby...). why do they have to be in the same market? i don't want a fag for a bf, but i also do not want a horsefaced, beerbellied creature humping in bed. is that too much to ask? you gays are so selfish. hahaha.

i enjoyed kamikazee so much, i'll see them again in the UP fair next week. i'm hoping to blow a kiss to jay contreras for making me feel so powerful that i can hurt a man with just a wink in a his direction. hahahahaha. my head's going to blow up in bits for this.

thanks to ares for inviting me to the jig this year. it's so nice to go out and have fun after weeks of slaving my life to this computer. i'm tied to you, pc babe. ironically, i can hear britney's putrid i'm a slave 4 u. too bad i don't have a webcam when i do pole dancing. kidding. no, i don't pole dance, or i haven't found a man to pole dance to, since after finding out they're fags. ha!

and because my orgmate john liked this pic, i'll post it. hahaha. show the world your smile, girl.

kisses to 'kazee. you rocked.


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