"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"whenever possible print a woman's age." -- arthur christiansen

Ang. Tan. Da. Ko. Na. (chinese names, perhaps?)

nothing else reminds you of your own (im)maturity and mortality than when you realize graduation is getting near. and you're not part of it.

waaah. since i transferred into this course i am currently taking now, my expected year of graduation has also been moved, two years at that. my younger sister will even be graduating earlier than i will.

i feel so much older when i realize that the upcat results are already in, and i will be greeting the new freshmen welcome. for that matter: how many batches of freshmen have i greeted welcome? guess the correct answer and you'll know my age.

but aside from my ranting about the circumstances which i can no longer have control over, i am happy about transferring into this course. i still get to write, one of my arduous passions, and i find fulfillment in what i do. i get to learn so much about people and the social world. i get to have a deeper understanding of what they perceive, and i get to be guided through what they think. i would not have felt all of this had i not followed my parents' wishes.

speaking about the upcat, there's a certain kind of high that one feels when one passes it. i can still remember that day (so many aeons ago) when i received that text message from my friend that i had passed. that day, i was in the front passenger seat of a taxi. i was in davao. and i bumped my head onto the window in excitement.

i didn't really bother to look at the list of passers since i didn't think i'd get in. only a handful of our batch passed, not even our valedictorian did. and to think i wasn't even an honorable mention. i realized i was so lucky to be given this break.

but i won't bother declaring to all the people in the blogosphere what year i passed the upcat. i feel really old when people ask my batch, even though some mambobolas would tell me i don't look it. haha.

a pending issue within the up community now are the tuition and other fee increases that will (i think) take effect this coming school year. a price on the head of education. i hope that so many who passed into up will still enrol in up, even with the increase in tuition fees.

also, it's nearing the student council elections. a shout out to our cmc representative karol yee for this successful year. he's so great at being our rep, and he always keeps us posted about news and events within and outside the college.

i'll wrap up my boring post today, but before that: Congratulations to all the upcat passers! Congrats to those who passed in diliman. Hope to see you in campus next academic year!



  • At 1/24/2007 1:23 AM, Blogger thephonologist mused…

    as we UP people say, the real essence of graduating isn't commensurate to when you actually graduated. rather, it delves on the better feeling of being able to realize how you graduated.... a totally developed and learned person thru the help of UP.

    not measured by grades, not measured by time, and not measured by superficial things. it is measured thru personal assessment.
    kudos to you.

    good thing that the student council seems to be very efficient in CMC. i don't have the ascendancy to assess its performance in CAL, but i can say that it isn't so much that i'd bother to write in my blog. as they say, maybe, we are one of those "patay na bata" people. whatever. :)

    link ex? i linked u.

    if u'll be linking me too, please link me as RV. thanks! hope that we'll be regular readers of eah other's blogs. :) tc


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