"I am an instrument in the shape
of a WOMAN trying to translate pulsations
into images
for the relief of the body
and the reconstruction of the mind."

written by Adrienne Cecile Rich

Saturday, July 21, 2007

high tolerance to stress?

later we'll be holding our first event in the committee. hm. my first event as committee head. i wish i wasn't as jittery as i am now. i hope the event will be successful and well-attended.

i didn't think being external affairs head was this hectic. still, i'm happy. i'm 3 pounds lighter than last week (and last week i was four pounds lighter than the summer), so stress must be a good weight-loss system.

people are surprised i still have a positive outlook, given the situations i am in. as what mother told me, i should think positively about things and take them one day at a time. so i guess i should worry about what i should do and what would happen only for things on that day. i can only get myself through the day i am in, and if i can, then i'm thankful. before i go to sleep, i thank God i got through one day. the next morning, i ask for strength to get through another day.

i tried to wire myself as to what mother said. she's sensible in saying that, and i'm feeling less stressful about things than i do in the past.

i'll just get through this event, pray it will be as successful as we can make it to be. then i'll think about the proposal (mayghad research paper again) after i have rested well (or at least, rested kahit onti). there's also that exam in psych, the presentation we have to make for message design.

i'm quite excited about the event later. it's my first, so talk about my binyag as officer of commressoc. i'm also excited about the prsp paper that we'll be writing. i hope it'll get into the finals. i'm happy enough just to get this paper into the top five in the competition.

and the major subject. so many people are waiting for the results of this study even if it's still in the conceptualizing and operationalizing stage. hay. i hope people won't get disappointed.

i don't want to think about these things as yet. i'm trying to get my frame of mind into preparing for this morning's event. so i'm praying for the best, and hoping that nothing goes wrong. if anything does go wrong, i wish this would be minimal.

i miss making kwento to one person at the end of the day. that i'm looking forward to going home because i can relay the good things that happened to me and share the feeling of having good news with someone special. it's like having a confidante, a best friend, a significant other. i miss that mostly.


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